The Sacksioni Method (English information)

Sacksioni MethodWritten by Holland’s greatest acoustic guitar phenomenon Harry Sacksioni, ‘The Sacksioni Method’ is a unique and complete fingerstyle guitar method, teaching you step by step how to combine bass line, chords and melody. The method begins at a simple level and then over it’s 400 pages builds towards the pinnacle of fingerstyle guitar playing.

The method is written in notation, tablature and chord diagrams and consists of two books (Part 1 and Part 2), of approximately 400 pages in total plus a DVD, packaged in a deluxe sleeve.

The Sacksioni Method is organized around twelve advanced fingerstyle compositions by Sacksioni, each based on a different fingerstyle technique. From powerful, swinging compositions to subdued lyricism.
Sacksioni explains every measure and every exercise in his own enthusiastic and personal way, having created a real innovation in guitar tuition: all exercises, except for the first three chapters, consist of different parts of the twelve compositions. This makes the learning process much more attractive than that of the average guitar method because there are no boring exercises, but exercises that are the building blocks of the compositions you want to play!

“The complete fingerstyle method”

Sacksioni Method packThe enclosed DVD shows Harry playing and demonstrating every exercise and every composition, with both his left and his right hands shown on the screen simultaneously. In addition, every measure on the DVD can be accessed separately, allowing the student to study the music measure by measure, which substantially simplifies the learning process.

The guitar technique of Harry Sacksioni is sometimes described as a one man band. And that is exactly what The Sacksioni Method has to offer, teaching you to be your own ‘band’ on guitar. You will learn to use the fingers of the right hand independently, educating you in Sacksioni’s famed ‘3 parts technique’ – bass line, chords and melody – through different fingerstyle techniques – including the alternate thumb stroke. The ultimate in ‘3 parts technique’ is the Walking Bass technique. This technique is discussed extensively in the last two chapters, with Sacksioni first explaining the intro of his composition Walk Over, and subsequently going over each bar of his highly acclaimed arrangement –as seen on YouTube – of Stevie Wonders composition I Wish, in meticulous detail. Full scores of all compositions, plus two previously unreleased compositions by Sacksioni, are available separately in the method.

In his method Harry also gives tips and advice on a number of things every guitarist will eventually have to deal with. From ‘making (and keeping) your fingers nimble’ to ‘repairing your finger nails’ and from ‘changing strings’ to ‘training your ears’. For those inclined to make music their career, Harry has even devoted a whole chapter on his experiences as a musician entitled, ‘Professional Guitarist’.

The production quality of both books is to the highest standard, as evidenced by the quality of the paper used and the binding of the print. Despite the many pages, the books will remain open at any page one wants.

To acknowledge his contribution to the music world and his commitment to help young guitarists in particular, in addition to writing The Sacksioni Method, Harry Sacksioni was appointed Royal Knight of the Order of Oranje-Nassau.

In a recent poll by the renowned Dutch/Belgian guitar magazine Gitarist, 78% of the readers voted Harry Sacksioni
the ‘Best Acoustic Guitarist of the Benelux’.

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